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Texas Truck Channel

Jul 31, 2023

Due to an embargo we cannot get into all the fun regarding the return of the Toyota Land Cruiser to the US market. However, we will be back Aug 1 at 7:30p Central time with all the details. Stay tuned!



Jul 17, 2023

Welcome back. This week we talk about our time in the all-new Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss. We also get into how and where can you even off road in the great state of Texas. Sure it's a big state, but it's mostly privately owned, so where does one go? We have options for you and discuss them. And lastly we have...

Jul 3, 2023

Join us as we dive into all the Land Cruiser speculation. Will it be based on the GX550, more like an old FJ or just the LC300? What's better, the Armada or Sequoia? You might be suprised by our answers. We also get the Polaris Hi-LIfter deep into some mud and have quite the tale to share. Also, TTC Cars hits 1,000...