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Brake Check Show

Apr 26, 2023

Join us as we return with an on the road edition from San Francisco as we discuss all the fun cars we expereinced at the annual Texas Auto Writers Association - Auto Roundup and we get to drive the all-new Mazda CX-90 at it's debut to the press. 

Oct 27, 2022

We're back with some old man rants on EVs, our thoughts on the new Ram 2500 Rebel and all the fun had at the Texas Truck Rodeo. 

Mar 22, 2022

We're on the road in this one, in the All-new Toyota Tundra. We give you our thoughts on it and the first ever Toyota BZ4X as we drive back from the North Texas Auto Show in Dallas.  

Mar 16, 2022

Join us in the special episode as we have Adam Moore witwh TxGarage on to join us to talk shop and give our thoughts on the American Landcruiser aka Chevy Tahoe. We also delve into updates on the chip shortage, Nascar in LA and some channel updates. 

Jun 28, 2021

In this episode we talk about how any 3rd pedal is a good thing, we update the Raptor Log and somehow compare it to a GT. More EV Talk (Craig's favorite) along with the death of the CX3 and 6. The cars that got away this time or the glorious and horrendous 92 Dodge Spirit ES and 88 Ford Country Squire.